Event finder – help

This page explains some of the different ways of using the Event Finder to find what you are looking for.

You can search for events by:

  • month: Allows selection of events taking place in selected months (turns from blue to red). If none are selected then only events taking place after today are shown.
  • text search: shows events where the event’s name or the organiser’s name matches the text entered.
  • location: shows events taking place in any of the regions selected.
  • categories: shows events that match any of your selections.

If you select from more than one of the above criteria then only events that match all criteria will be shown.

If you select from more than one item in each of the above criteria then events matching either of your selection will be shown.

For example:

  • If you select months January and February, and location Scotland and Wales, then the results will list all events taking place in either January or February and taking place in either Scotland or Wales.

You can choose to view the results of your search on a map or as a list, by clicking on the map or list image.

We hope you find it easy to use and helpful in finding an event you’ll enjoy.